About Us

Dog Friendly Tales is a UK on-line guide to Dog Friendly Hotels and Holiday Cottages inspired by the owner’s search for dog friendly accommodation so that her pet didn’t miss out on family holidays. The guide also features useful, fun and sometimes indulgent gifts for dogs. For dog lovers, there are great gift ideas that serve as delightful reminders of our favourite four-legged friends.

Look out for our fun facts, favourite videos and amusing tales of our fabulous pets.

We look forward to sharing information on dog friendly accommodation and gifts with you. For some of the items mentioned we may receive a small commission for anything you book or buy.

No bookings are made on this website but instead via third party websites to whom we point and for which, in some instances, we may receive a small commission.

We very much hope you enjoy your time on the website and would be delighted if you would continue your journey with us on social media (accessible from the bottom of the page) or by commenting on our blog posts. You can always drop us a line at hello@dogfriendlytales.co.uk.