Top Pick of the Best Dog Friendly Beaches in North Cornwall

26th February 2019
Happy dog running along Dog Friendly Beach in Cornwall

Happy dog running along Dog Friendly Beach in Cornwall

Cornwall is a beautiful coastal destination to visit at any time of year. With wide sandy beaches, sheltered coves, rocky shore lines and surfing beaches, it’s a great place for you and your dog to enjoy a beach adventure. Boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in the land, we take a look at a few of the best dog friendly beaches in North Cornwall.

This corner of the country, with its lovely seaside towns, award-winning restaurants, historic castles and amazingly welcoming and laid-back communities, is the perfect place for any dog and his or her owner. This is particularly true if you love the seaside.

In fact, the main problem is deciding which beach to choose. But don’t worry: Dog Friendly Tales is here to help! We’ve tracked down the top five North Cornwall beaches that welcome dogs and their owners with open arms. So what are you waiting for? Head down to the sands of North Cornwall and let your dog run free to splash amongst the shallows.

Crantock Beach

North Cornwall Beaches - Crantock Beach, a dog friendly beach in North Cornwall


Dogs are welcome all year long on this beautiful expanse of white sand that lies between the Pentire and West Pentire headlands. The beach is quite close to Newquay, so it makes an excellent place to get away to, once you’ve had enough of the hustle and bustle of the town. You can stroll along the foreshore or go exploring in the area’s extensive dunes, rock pools and caves. There are also lots of lovely walks to enjoy on the footpaths that fringe this bit of coastline. People who come to this beautiful corner of the world love the views and the beautiful wildflowers that grow along its cliff tops and path verges. There’s even a beach kiosk serving refreshments during the summer months.

Porthjoke Beach

Porth Joke Beach North Cornwall Dog Friendly Beach

With its name derived from the Cornish words for Jackdaw Cove, Porthjoke is a wonderful little bay that you and your four-legged friend will love to explore. Just five miles to the west of Newquay, it’s a narrow band of white sand nestled between the headlands of Kelsey Head and Pentire Point West. Because it’s so hidden in the landscape, it’s something of a local secret, but it’s well worth searching out as it has lots of rock pools to explore and rocky outcrops to scramble over. Of course, the beautiful unspoilt sand is also perfect for you both to run along, before you have a splash in the waves. One thing to remember – you can’t get to the beach by road, so if you’re looking for a destination that will combine walkies with waves, this is it!

Treyarnon Bay, Padstow

Treyarnon Beach - Dog Friendly Beaches North Cornwall

Treyarnon is a wonderful expanse of sand that is very popular with families. In the summer, you’re likely to find an ice-cream van down on the sands and children splashing in the shallows. It’s also a great place for dogs, with sand dunes to explore and lots of interesting coastal paths to take a run along. If either you or your dog fancy a swim this is a great place for it – it’s been recommended by the Marine Conservation Society and has excellent water quality. There’s even a natural rocky ‘swimming pool’ for you both to enjoy. And, when you’ve had your fill of the sea, the local village of St Merryn has some great places to have a drink or something to eat.

Towan Beach, Newquay

The beautiful sandy beach at Towan in North Cornwall. A dog friendly beach.

Towan is a dog friendly beach with a difference. Not only is it in the heart of the bustling holiday town of Newquay, it also has its own island. On top of this towering outcrop perches an historic home, connected to the ‘mainland’ by a spindly footbridge. It’s breathtaking! Alongside this intriguing feature, the beach has a whole host of things for you and your pooch to discover, including a promenade which leads up to a grassy clifftop. There’s also the Blue Reef Aquarium, one of Newquay’s most popular tourist attractions. At low-tide there’s even more to explore as the sands of Towan link with those of the beaches at Great Western and Tolcarne.

Port Gaverne, Port Isaac

Port Gaverne Dog Friendly Beach North Cornwall - a beautiful rocky Cornish beach

One of the few dog friendly beaches in the immediate vicinity, Port Gaverne is a lovely sheltered cove that you and your pet will love to explore. It’s near to the traditional fishing village of Port Isaac, so you can combine a visit to both and get a real feel for Cornish coastal living. Owned by the National Trust, the beach has plenty of rock pools to nose around in and caves to explore. There’s also lots of sand and shingle to run along and, of course, the water’s lovely for a paddle.

Not So Dog Friendly Beaches in North Cornwall

A number of beaches in North Cornwall have dog bans in place, with many running from Easter Day to the end of September (none of the beaches listed above are subject to any such ban). For a full list of the beaches that come under Cornwall’s ban, and for details of when each ban is in place, visit:

Recommend a Dog Friendly Beach in North Cornwall

If you have a favourite dog friendly beach in this part of the Cornwall coast, we’d love to hear from you and add your beach to the list above. If you wish, we’d  happy to feature a photo of you and your dog (or just your dog) having a great time on the beach.

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