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Home Gifts For Dogs Hit the Road with the Perfect Dog Car Seat

Hit the Road with the Perfect Dog Car Seat

Puppy car seat with cute boxer puppy, a 2 in one car seat.

Every time we get into a car we humans always buckle up. When you hit the road with your dog, it’s just as important to make sure that your pet is suitably protected in a correctly fitted car seat. This is vital so they don’t distract you or injure themselves if you have to stop rapidly or are involved in a crash. One of the best ways to do this is to use a dog car seat. These provide a way to restrain your pooch in comfort. Many can be fitted in either the front or back seat of a car and some have the added advantage of acting like a booster seat, so that your dog can look out of the window and see where they are going. They also offer a safe haven for dogs that are nervous about getting into a car.

Amazon has a great range of car and booster seats for large and small dogs (perfect for puppies) with prices ranging from around £10 up to £45 plus.


Dog Car Seats for all Shapes, Sizes and Levels of Cuteness

Legenddog Dog Car Seat for Small Dogs and Puppies
Legendog Dog Car Seat

Small dogs will love the Legendog Dog car seat. This waterproof, booster seat offers a deluxe perch from which your pet can keep an eye on the road. For safety, the dog is strapped in the basket with a sturdy restraint. For comfort there is fleece inside and also a pillow. It offers enough space for a dog like Yorkie to curl up.

Topone dog booster seat in blue with a spaniel sitting inside
Topone Dog Booster Seat

A different style is offered by the Dog Booster Front Seat by Topone. This is made out of durable waterproof material and is lovely and soft as it is filled with sponge. As with most other dog seats, it will protect your car seat from pet hair, mud, dirt and dander and also stop your pet scuffing your car upholstery with its claws.

Toozey dog car seat for small to medium sized dogs
Toozey Dog Car Seat

Another winner for small and medium dogs in the Toozey Dog Car Seat. This has sturdy sides and is waterproof and non-slip. It’s also extremely durable and easy to install. One reviewer who has a Jack Russel commented: “I’m so grateful as she can now accompany me in the car! Even better, the black quilted effect looks very high end and fits in well with my interior.”

Find the perfect dog car or booster seat for your dog. Why not take a moment to browse the selection on Amazon, more importantly read the reviews, and get ready to take your dog on its next outdoor adventure.


A Dog Friendly Tale

With a dog that thought it was his job to drive the car and if it could have, would have taken control of the stearing wheel, a new car seat made journeys much less of an ordeal for the dog owner. With a comfy new resting spot, the dog was able to curl up and avoid being thrown around or buffeted going round corners or over bumps.

(Editors note – we think the dog actually went into a huff and soon realised the driving heirarchy and settled down for a good old sulk).

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