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Home Gifts For Dogs Style at home with Dog Grooming Clippers

Style at home with Dog Grooming Clippers

A white west highland terrier receiving a hair cut with silent dog grooming clippers

Tackling dog grooming at home?  Cordless, low noise and rechargeable these dog grooming clippers from Amazon might just fit the bill for DIY dog grooming.


All in One Dog Grooming Clippers

Dog Trimmers Key Highlights:

  • Dog trimmers come with:
    • Pet clipper 1 x (battery included)
    • 1 x USB charger
    • 1 x cleaning brush
    • 4 x comb attachments
  • Low vibration and ultra quiet designed to minimise distress and your dog feeling scared
  • Light weight and cordless has been designed for easy use. 
  • The fine-tuning dial offers 5 length levels. 
  • Titanium acute-angle blade combining with the ceramic movable blade provides smooth and efficient trimming for pets

Tips on How to Groom a Dog

How to cut long/thick hair?
Make sure you detangle any possible knots and brush thoroughly before trimming. Use scissors to cut any matted and knotted hair, or cut the long hair shorter. Trim your pets hair slowly in the direction of the hair, not against the direction. Keep the blades moderately oiled.

What should you pay attention to?
Always ensure the dog clippers are fully charged before use so the motor can operate at a good performance level.  Ensure that the blades of your dog grooming clippers are sharp, avoid rust and broken teeth. It is important to regularly clean and remove clipped hair to prevent the clippers from getting stuck .

How to prevent your dog from being scared of the hair clippers?
Turn the dog clippers on before putting them close to your pet to help reduce any stress and get them used to the noise. A few treats may help during and after clipping as a reward.

Is there a difference between human and dog hair clippers.

Human and dog hair clippers have been designed to allow for the different fibres of dog hair and human hair. Human hair is thinner and therefore the blades are set closer together.

Can I use human hair clippers on a dog?

If you are faced with grooming your dog yourself for the first time, this might be tempting. However, it’s not recommended. Human clippers are not suitable for dogs as the blades are not suitable for dogs and could result in hurting the dog. Dog clippers have been designed specifically for pets and the motor and power are lower to prevent hurting and scaring your pets.

Our Own Experience of Dog Grooming at Home

We have to confess that our dog normally heads to a professional groomer so this was our first attempt at dog grooming at home. Our Wheaten Terrier was growing lovely, golden locks during lock-down but alas these were getting a bit tuggy and she was beginning to resemble a mop.

Wheaten Terrier

After a bath (we did put some human hair conditioner on her to help with tugs – don’t think you’re supposed to do this but don’t tell!), a blow dry (we gave up after 15 minutes as she preferred the I’d rather rub myself on the carpet option so I’ll just dash around the room whilst you try and catch me) and eventually when she dried off properly (this was a good few hours later so she was bone dry) we gave her a good brush and then set about with the dog clippers.

To our surprise, this went rather well. The clippers were indeed low noise and easily glided through her fur. However, our dog was so chilled at the whole process, that after a short while she decided that yes, this was okay but she’d rather lie down whilst we got on with it. (You can see we’ve got this situation well under control). So, after a few bribery treats we had carefully trimmed around parts of her head and had successfully trimmed her body, derriere area and left the bottom part of her body slightly longer (I always quite like the skirt and slightly longer leg fur length look).

Ideally, if you were showing a wheaten terrier at a dog show, you would leave their fringe long. However, personally, if I was trying to look through a fringe all day, I’d end up with a headache, so I always trim around her eyes with round-tipped scissors. She has beautiful brown, shiny eyes, so why would you want to hide them. We also used the scissors to trim her beard and around her ears. There are fancy scissors out there but as amateurs, were not brave enough to take sharp scissors to her.

Round edged dog grooming scissors

Round-edged dog groom scissors from Amazon – £5.99

Equally, we trimmed around her paws with the round edged scissors. We will confess that she was having none of this and it was only done with the help of our daughter who was giving her delicious tickles whilst she lay on her back that we managed to get in. We performed a passable job on three of the paws (this was nothing to do with the scissors – just our dreadful skills) and by the time we got on to the fourth paw, she’d cottoned on to the fact there was something else going on and decided that enough was enough and she was having no more and walked off. By this time, I’d had enough myself and was ready for a gin – it was after 5pm.

So, our dog looks quite cute with her truly unique dog haircut. We are psyching ourselves up for the fourth paw and the further trimming of the dog skirt and longer length furry legs.

Here’s the link to Amazon again if we’ve not put you off.


Dog Friendly Tips

You might enjoy/need some professional dog grooming tips. You Tube will have a good selection and there are plenty of books on the subject in Amazon. Have a browse.



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