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Home Gifts For Dogs Dog Life Jackets for Dogs Who Like Making a Splash

Dog Life Jackets for Dogs Who Like Making a Splash

Dog life jackets in red and yellow worn by three dogs looking out to sea from a small boat - Ruffwear K9 float coat for large dogs

If you love getting out on the water – boating, kayaking, paddleboarding or even just messing around along the riverbank or seashore – there’s no reason why your dog can’t join you with the amazing range of dog life jackets that are now available. Dog Life Jackets not only provide that extra buoyancy to help them swim, they also help keep them warmer too.

Depending on the type you choose, these stylish items can help keep dogs safe by the water, or give them the confidence to join you as you embark on your watersport adventures. What’s more, they can be a life-saver when it comes to helping dogs rehabilitate after injury using hydrotherapy.

Jump straight in and view the multitude of dog life jackets on Amazon or scroll a little for further for a few of our favourites.


Making Waves with Supportive Dog Life Jackets

Ruffwear Dog Buoyancy Aid - Miniature on Board a Small Boat Wearing a yellow Ruffwear K9 Dog Flotation Vest

Ruffwear Dog Life Jacket

At the top end of the market is the RUFFWEAR Life Jacket for Dogs. This is a high quality jacket designed to keep dogs safe in and around water. Importantly, it allows a full range of motion for swimming, so it allows your dog to join you in the water. A wide range of sizes is available, so whatever size of pet you have you’ll be able to find a jacket that will give them some ‘swim time’.

Songway dog life jacket, a fun dog flotation vest pictured here with a smiling golden retriever complete with fun shark's fin

Songway Dog Life Jacket Vest

Adding a humorous (or should that be chilling) touch to the dog life-jacket world is the Songway Dog Life Jacket Vest. This dog floatation device is designed with a shark fin at the back – this doesn’t just add a cute touch, it will also make your dog more prominent in the water. Featuring nylon straps and quick-release buckles it’s great for a playful dog.

K9 Pursuite High Visibility Easy Grab Float Life Jacket

K9 Pursuits High Visibility Life Jacket

A more serious option for ocean-going canines is the K9 Pursuits High Visibility Easy Grab Float Coat Life Jacket. Featuring reflective accents and bright colours to enhance visibility this has adjustable straps and neoprene chest band for comfortable and a secure fit. One user commented that the life jacket allowed them to take their dog out in a high-speed boat and gave their pet the confidence to get up close with some dolphins.

With prices starting at around the ten-pound mark and going well beyond £50, there are versions available for all types and sizes of dog. Many come with really useful features, such as grab handles to help you pick up your pooch (perhaps to pull them aboard), while the range of colours (often fluorescent) is certainly eye-catching. Read the reviews and explore the range on Amazon.


Dog Friendly Tale

Remember, when you are choosing a dog life jacket, carefully measure the size of your pet to ensure the best fit. A top tip is the measurement of the girth and checking that it fits securely around your dog’s chest. If it’s too loose, this can be detrimental to the buoyancy of the life jacket.

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