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Home Gifts For Dogs Stroll Away in a Large or Small Dog Pram

Stroll Away in a Large or Small Dog Pram

A poodle enjoying a walk outdoors from the raised seat of his dog pram.

It might seem like a strange idea, but a dog pram (or pet pram) could revolutionise life for you and your pet, especially if you have an elderly dog who can’t walk as well as they once did, or if your dog is unwell or injured in any way. Indeed, if you’ve ever discounted taking your pooch out into the countryside, then a dog pram is the answer and will open up a whole new world of adventure for you and your four-legged friend.

Millhouse Dog Pram

One of the most popular models around is the Millhouse dog pram, which is specifically designed to carry your pet around safely. Easily manoeuvrable, this four-wheel doggy chariot is perfect for public transport as it can be easily folded up and stowed away.

Unfolded and in-use, it offers comfort and protection from the elements. Fitted with brakes and two straps that can be attached to your dog’s collar, it also has mesh windows, so your pooch can see where they’re going.

View the Millhouse dog pram on Amazon.

Off-Road Dog Prams

A dog enjoying being pushed outdoors in the Karlie Sports Buggie, a 3 wheeler dog stroller. Enjoying life in the outdoors again in a comfortable dog pram.
Karlie Sport Buggy – 3 wheel dog buggy

Other exciting options include high-tech off-road versions, such as the Karlie Sport Buggy for Pets which has large wheels to help it cope with uneven ground.

Ibiyaya Back Pack Dog Pram. Available in lime green, pink, blue and grey.
Ibiya Multifunction Pet Pram

There are many other super-stylish offerings, including the amazing Ibiyaya Multifunction Pet Stroller that can convert to a backpack.

Pet Prams for All Creatures Great and Small

There is something for everyone and every type of pet – from large dogs to small dogs and everything in between. There’s also a wide range of prices – from £20-£30 for a basic model up to many hundreds of pounds for something with higher specs.

Amazon has a fantastic selection. Why not read the reviews and find the perfect pet pram that will please you, your dog and your budget.


A Dog Friendly Tale

If you’re not convinced, think about the experience of a dog-pram user who has an elderly dog that struggles to walk. House bound for far too long, this pooch now gets taken out several times a day and can enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside all over again.

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