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Home Gifts For Dogs Buckle up for a comfortable ride with a dog seat belt harness

Buckle up for a comfortable ride with a dog seat belt harness

Slowton Dog Seat Belt in navy worn by a golden retriever sitting quite contentedly in the back of a car

Hit the road with complete peace of mind – a dog seat belt and harness will keep your pet safely clipped in and you can get on with your driving, safe in the knowledge that your pet is safely restrained.

Simple and Easy to Use Dog Seat Belts

Dog car seat belts are really simple to fit. For example, one popular type comprises a leash with a loop at one end. This loop goes over the headrest of your car and then the length of the lease can be adjusted. Once installed, you simply clip your pooch’s collar onto the leash.

A dog car harness takes things up a notch. Harnesses are worn around a dog’s front legs and have a clip or loop at the back to which a leash is attached. In some models this leash loops over the car’s headrest, in others it has a special clip that fits into the cars seatbelt attachment. Either way, a harness and leash combination will provide your pooch with a safe restraint if, for example, you have to stop safely.

Slowton Dog Seat Belt worn on a golden retriever in the back of a car and then outside walking in a park.

Slowton Dog Seat Belt

One popular model is the dog safety seat belt from Slowton. This is made of hard-wearing Denim & Nylon. This seat belt hooks over a headrest and, according to its manufacturers, it can also be used as a dog leash when you are out walking.

Nasjac Dog Car Harness worn by a retriever in the back of the car. Image shows safety clip functionality

Nasjac Car Harness

When it comes to harnesses, one popular choice is the Nasjac Dog Car Harness. Made of mesh fabric, with soft padding, it is both comfortable and breathable. It comes with a seat belt made from durable nylon to clip your dog safely in place. Available in a variety of sizes these would suit small to large dogs.

A wide range of belts and harnesses is available from Amazon, so it’s easy to choose one that will fit both your dog, your car and your wallet – prices start at around £5 and going up to about £20. Why not explore their great range of dog seat belts, read the reviews and a suitable fit that’s suitable for your dog.


Dog Friendly Tale

Does your dog need a boost in the car? Here are a few ideas for booster dog car seats, perfect for puppies and small dogs: Dog Car Seats.


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