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Dog Water Bottles for Days Out

Dog Water Bottles for Days Out

All dog lovers know the importance of ensuring a dog has enough clean water. This is easy to do when you’re at home together, but what happens when you’re out on a walk, in the car or anywhere else away from base? A thirsty dog will soon be in distress, especially if it is hot or you’re out on a strenuous walk. He or she might then resort to drinking from a dirty puddle or other water source – and who knows what they might then pick up then?

One great solution to these problems is a dog water bottle. Gone are the days when these were just a bottle, like the ones we humans have to put up with. Now, dog water bottles are easily portable, perfect for travel and come complete with special drinking bowls attached. It couldn’t be more easy for your pooch to drink the amount of water they want in a way that best suits them.

With prices ranging from just a few pounds up to around £15-20, a dog water bottle is an affordable way to make any trip with your pet that much more enjoyable. Amazon has a fantastic selection. Jump straight in and start browsing.


Dog Water Bottles for Outdoor Adventures

A Toozey dog drinking bottle, perfect for a puppy or small dog. Pictured here in turquoise and with a small dog enjoying a drink.
Toozey Dog Water Bottle

The Toozey Dog Water Bottle, pictured here, comprises of a 350ml plastic bottle, with a snazzy drinking trough attached. It is ideal for travelling, hiking or simply walking outdoors with your pet. Fill it up and you can be certain that your dog will have clean, fresh water to drink as you head out together.

Lesotc Dog Drinking Bottle

One great product that goes beyond a simple drinking trough is the Lesotc Dog Water Bottle. This exclusive patented design, incorporates a dog water bottle and water bowl in a single product. According to the manufacturer, the fold cap acts as the bowl. Just press the bottle to make water flow up into the bowl. Fold the bowl back after drinking. It’s that simple.

Vivaglory Stainless Steel Dog Travel Water Bottle
Vivaglory Stainless Steel Dog Travel Water Bottle

If you want an alternative to plastic bottles, then take a look at the various stainless steel models on offer. One example is the Vivaglory Dog Travel Water Bottle. This 750 ml bottle has a big trough, and its larger capacity means that it is ideal for large dogs on the go. One user reported that they love it because, when their dog didn’t really want a drink, the water wasn’t wasted as it could be easily poured back into the bottle from the trough.

Don’t take our word for how good these bottles are, browse on Amazon, read the reviews and find the perfect water bottle for your dog’s next outdoor adventure.


Dog Friendly Tale

We love our portable dog water bottle and find it great to use in the car. No more guilt trips with a panting dog on the back seat. Why hadn’t we thought of this before.

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