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Home Gifts For Dogs Warm and Waterproof Dog Coats for Large and Small Stylish Dogs

Warm and Waterproof Dog Coats for Large and Small Stylish Dogs

Two collie dogs having a fantastic time bounding across the hills in their Hurrta Summit Waterproof dog coats in pink and blue. Great for a rainy day.

Every stylish dog deserves a nice coat. The great thing about a dog coat is that they let you take your four-legged friend for a walk, whatever the elements are doing. Practical and well designed they come in all shapes and sizes and have been designed for their warmth, waterproof effectiveness and for large and small dogs. With an amazing range of dog coats on offer, what better place to start your search than Amazon. Prices start from £10. We’ve highlighted a few below, but why not dive right in and read the reviews.


When it’s raining you can put your dog into a waterproof dog coat, so that their fur doesn’t get wet. This is great because, as we all know, most dogs like to get out for a daily walk, even when it’s rainy (and, of course, it’s good for their health to get out frequently). When it’s cold you can fit your dog out with a nice padded dog winter jacket, so that they can stay toasty warm even if it’s snowy.

Waterproof Dog Coats for Rainy Days

Zellar dog rain coat in bright yellow. Modelled by a golden retriever standing in snow and looking at the sky to catch snowflakes.

For a good raincoat, take a look at the Zellar waterproof dog coats which offer high quality and at a sensible price. The coats features reflective strips for safety. It is ultra-light, breathable and, according to its manufacturers, 100% waterproof. Adding to the attractiveness of the package is that it is easy to clean – just wipe it with a wet cloth or pop it in the washing machine. Designed for medium-large dogs, it comes in a choice of yellow, blue or red.

Morezi dog raincoat in blue with two waterproof front legs and hood.

For a really fun and stylish option, check out the Morezi zip-up dog raincoat. What’s so great about this design is that it looks just like a cute human-style raincoat when it’s on. It comes in a striking yellow, so you can be sure that your pooch will be the centre of attention when you take him or her out in the rain.

A collie wearing a stylish, pink, Rantow dog winter coat

For a really warm option, check out the Rantow Winter Vest. Available in six colours (green, orange, yellow, blue, red and pink) and seven sizes, this easy-fit jacket has a flexible rib design at the neck. It boasts a really stylish look and its padding will keep your pet warm and comfortable, even when the mercury drops.

Remember, whichever dog jacket you choose, be sure to measure your dog carefully, so that you get the right size. This usually involved measuring the girth of your pooch’s chest.

Be spoiled for choice and view the full range on-line at Amazon.


Dog Friendly Tale

We have to be honest here. Our dog has a very nice navy, waterproof raincoat with a warm, fleece lining. With a neat little collar and a reflective strip, complete with lights, which can flash or simply light up, she looks the business and great for spotting in the dark. Alas, she absolutely hates it. Always excited to get out a walk, as soon as she sees you with her coat, she hides. Once cornered, she will sit with her back to you and refuse to budge until you dispense with the coat. Does your dog love or hate its coat, feel free to let us know and if you are happy to share your photo, we’ll feature it on social media.

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